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Corona - really just be patient?

Corona – wirklich einfach nur Geduld haben?

When an extrovert suddenly has to live the life of an introvert... At the moment I often remember people saying to me "Caro, you need to give yourself a break, take some time out. Everybody needs rest". I have always disagreed, because I have long been convinced that for me, energy comes from energy. When I party all night long with wonderful people, dance, have sex, that's my elixir of life - that's how I recharge my batteries!

Corona now shows me drastically how right I was. Quietness makes me sluggish, drains my verve, creativity and energy - comfort triumphs... Where there's no urge and no pressure, no wild adventures, that's where I degrade. Memories of earlier, introverted times come up - I never wanted to be like that again. Everything inside me is screaming to finally escalate again! To feel the unleashed energies of the party crowd and absorb them, to have so much fun, to go crazy!

A comfortable almost vanilla life... I'm just not made for that, I'd wilt... And the longer the lockdown of the club and sex economy goes on, the more it feels like that's exactly what's happening.

The pandemic primarily affects the extroverted, creative kinky people who made the nightlife of cities so wonderfully colorful, wild and sexy. Those who have always preferred to spend their free time alone (with Netflix & Co) will probably hardly feel any difference. But for the rest of us, almost everything that made our lives special has been taken away. Patience we all would have had - but now soon a year has passed, there is no end in sight and more and more locations, makers and kinky people are getting destroyed from the pandemic.

And as a funny cosmic anecdote of the day from my personal matrix, called life: I officially registered as a sex worker in Germany on 3/13/2020. One day later came the total lockdown. Coincidence? Destiny? Alien powers? Who knows...

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