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10 things I learned in the last years

10 Dinge, die ich in den letzten Jahren lernte

  1. Some people just suck some days, no matter how nice and helpful you are to them.
  2. Other people just don't want to like or appreciate you. One would wear oneself out trying to convince them (be it through commitment or opening up). However, there is no harm in trying to persuade through effort, because sometimes it does work, and in any case it spurs ambition and you learn.
  3. When I meet people who love me in the clubs but don't want any contact in private, I don't worry about it anymore, but enjoy the time with them in the clubs even more.
  4. If you try to please everyone, you can only go down.
  5. If my gut says "no" even after sleeping on it three times, I don't do it - no matter how much it might benefit me.
  6. The days when I think I "look like crap" are often the ones I really like the photos of later.
  7. The age in the ID card is absolutely irrelevant (of course, sexual partners should still be of age and at least older than 16).
  8. If someone is grumpy or questions something of or about me, it doesn't mean that person doesn't value me.
  9. Some days I would like to be the sweet little submissive again.... but such phases always pass very quickly and I am incredibly happy about the life I have today (or had before Corona) ?
  10. Experience and learning is extremely important in SM, but real passion is essential

There is a lot more I learned, but that will be the subject of other "thoughts"...

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