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My (kinky) thoughts

I really have a lot going through my head - constantly and everywhere. I reflect, myself, my environment and other people permanently, jump between past, present and future and alternative realities constantly back and forth. In dialogue with me, many people whose thoughts run more on rails are therefore overwhelmed by me. But I am just how I am and love the colorful fireworks in my head!

Here I will capture and concretize some of my thoughts. If someone can draw inspiration from it, I would be very happy. I explain my world here and do not want to dictate to anyone how she / he has to live hers or his. And who sees things differently... that's what makes this life so colorful and diverse.


Na Dine wrote on 28. April 2021 at 01:26:

... diese Art von Vielschichtigkeit ... oder auch Multidimensionalität kenne ich ... und ja, das kann für mache andere "starker Tobak" sein ... ... aber eines meiner Motto heißt "I am not on discaount" ... also, es gibt mich nicht mit Rabatt und auch nicht im Ausverkauf :-) keep posting

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