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Here you will always find an overview of what has happened in my blog.

I promise that I will post a new article at least every Friday (and beyond that thoughts that move me right now).

Have fun!


28. Mai 2021

21. Mai 2021

14. Mai 2021

7. Mai 2021

4. Mai 2021

  • Search function integrated. With the search field in the right info area you can now search the entire blog for anything that interests you 🙀

2. Mai 2021

  • 1 month kinky fetish blog 😸✌
  • Comments can now be answered. Feel free to use both functions 💋

29. + 30. April 2021

29. April 2021

  • Comments can now be provided with emojis ?

23. April 2021

22. April 2021

16. April 2021

9. April 2021

7. April 2021

  • News section integrated
  • Now also the books section translated into english (why is written here)

6. April 2021

  • Font size made more readable on small smartphones.
  • "Party / People / Dance / Sex - my life!" spiced up with pictures.
  • New thought-post „Social Media and me in times of Corona“
  • English translations finished (except for books, since books only available in German are probably not really interesting for English-speaking readers. But I'll probably translate them anyway to show what BDSM literature is available in Germany)

5. April 2021

4. April 2021

2. April 2021

  • My blog goes live


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Why I of all people write a blog about passion, sex and everything around it? Because until a few years ago I myself was still incredibly clueless, preferred to put myself in cuddly dream worlds and was a sweet, yet inconspicuous sexually almost completely inexperienced cutey.

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