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Prologue... my English is pretty good, but I don't speak and write in English as often as I used to, when I was a professional web developer and web designer, maintaining worldwide contacts because of my creative projects and drinking Irish under the table in smoky pubs. English is not my native language (even if I basically like it better than German). So forgive me if some phrasing should be a bit strange or some puns don't make sense to you (and I'm happy if people point it out to me by mail!) ?

Why do I write a blog about passion, sex and everything around it? Because until a few years ago, I was incredibly clueless myself, preferred to put myself in cuddly dream worlds and was a sweet, yet inconspicuous and sexually almost completely inexperienced cutey. At that time, I had no idea how incredibly wonderful, intense and energetic lust in all its varieties can be, how kinky polyamory, pansexuality and the techno rush of wild kinky-hedonistic parties can feel! I didn't even want to know because I was scared.

Faces of Me

If a trans-girlfriend hadn't pushed me into this whirlpool of unleashed dreams back then, I'd probably still be sitting lonely by the lake on weekends, reading comics and dreaming of my cuddly prince. And because not everyone has such a girlfriend, I would like to try to digitally determine a little of the incredible magic of this world and, of course, arouse curiosity.

And don't worry about me keeping this blog alive. Since I already started working on it in summer, I have so many (almost) finished articles that I can guarantee at least one update per week for the next months (at least as long as the pandemic makes my party and studio life impossible).

Topics will include: sex toys (including fuck machines), graphic novels, lesbian lust and love, audio books and various descriptions of my kinky and bdsm-scene development (including my first session). And of course, I will continue to spontaneously share my "thoughts" with you.

Now I just wish you a lot of fun! And don't be shy to ask me questions, to tell me additional things or to suggest topics! Love, Life & Lust!

Signatur Caroline R.Ubber

PS: If you want to contribute comments, constructive criticism or even your own contributions to this blog, you are very welcome to do so. I would be happy if in the future not only my outpourings would be found here, but colorful diversity. I will gladly attach comments to my posts (anonymous or with name and/or contact email address, as you prefer). Just email me at

For the time being, I will not implement a comment function, as experience has shown that such a function always attracts spammers and smart asses. Besides, I appreciate the personal contact.
Ooops... I did it after all! Have fun posting your comments!


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My recommendations

Here I present you links to web sites that I highly recommend.

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