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Music plays an extremely large role for me in the S&M and fetish context. Most of the intense sessions I played were accompanied by intense driving Deephouse/DreamHouse or melodic Goth. For me, music is generally part of my desired overall aesthetic and intensifies my sensations a lot. Of course, I have also played many sessions (especially in the professional area or S&M clubs, where others feel disturbed by music) without background music and enjoyed them very much. But it's easier for me to get into the mood when the rooms, equipment, clothing, accessories and music are perfectly coordinated and conjure up a microcosm apart from the normal. And I, as a woman for whom dancing is life, also move in a completely different way when I feel the music pulsing through my veins.

Music can be an incredible way to not only set the pace and intensity of a session, but also to control it. If I'm staging an extreme latex SM session, I'll choose mostly fast, extremely driving and loud techno. For sensual sessions that are more about exploring the other person and their gentle stimulation and careful expansion of their boundaries (for example, breath control experiences and generally deepening trust and understanding, reading the partner), on the other hand, I choose the music to be subtle and mellow, because otherwise it would dominate a session in a way that would not be purposeful. At play parties staged on a larger scale, such as the "Master & Mistress" or "Closed Female - Naked Male", on the other hand, sustained classical sounds or choirs very much support the very special elegant-sensual atmosphere.

Especially in the S&M and fetish realm, the tastes are of course completely different. Since I don't plan to be a DJane, I haven't put together any session samplers of my own yet, but so far I fall back on mixes of others (CubaLou, Wiebe Roose/Dr. Double U, Armada samplers). But sooner or later I will probably compile my own session samplers for my own use. So I don't expect my selection of music and videos to meet everyone's taste. In any case, I wish you a lot of fun and inspiring moments with the video clips that love.

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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - IMBECILE

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - IMBECILE (Caroline R.Ubber | 16. March 2021)

A fetish S&M music video that I was once completely captivated and entranced by, that made my blood boil and created tears of longing

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