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A former girlfriend raved to me about the comics years ago. A woman who is very different from the girly Batgirl: a strong lesbian woman who mixes up the underworld without Batman's support. Sounded cool, but I'm more of a Marvel fangirl (although my Supergirl cosplay was a huge hit every time 😊) and I wasn't really in the mood for anything dark at the time.

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Backgrounds (no spoilers)

Batman/Bruce Wayne has disappeared without a trace for three years. His cousin Kat Kane (Ruby Rose) has no idea of Bruce Wayne's secret identity. She was dishonorably discharged from the army, although she was the best in her year. The reason was her refusal to deny that she had a lesbian relationship with her comrade Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy). Sophie's failure to muster that courage and deny her love nearly brought Kat to the brink, and she still pines for Sophie.

Kat's father (Dougray Scott) has set up a security company in Gotham City - The Crows - to take over the duties of the police and put an end to the rampant violence. In the process, it is also accepted that civil rights are increasingly restricted. The relationship between Kat and her father is difficult, especially since a serious accident that killed Kat's sister Beth (Rachel Skarsten). Her father blames Batman for the accident being fatal for Beth. Neither of them can even guess what horror this accident really unleashed - and how it will very soon and mercilessly catch up with them.

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When Cat enters the Wayne Building and meets Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), the son of the murdered, ingenious Bat-equipment mastermind Lucius Fox, she discovers the entrance to the Batcave. And she not only recognizes Bruce Wayne's secret, but knows how to use it - along with Luke, who, after initial hesitation, accompanies her on her way to becoming BATWOMAN. And Gotham has waited far too long for a heroine like her - soon she succeeds in stepping out of her uncle's footsteps. And she also decides to be open about her homosexuality, giving courage to all those who don't dare to admit their queer feelings, let alone reveal them.

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My opinion (no spoilers)

When I learned that BATWOMAN would be filmed as a TV series, my first feeling was skepticism. My image of TV series was still shaped by times when lots of banal filler was woven around a few elaborate scenes and effects. And since in the summer of 2020, through an incomparably wonderful and exciting time with the most beautiful and fascinating woman in the world, I realized that my kinky heart is that of a passionate lesbian after all, I also feared being embarrassed by the handling of this topic.

The reviews I read seemed to confirm my reservations and my interest began to wane. Fortunately, curiosity won out and I became so hooked that I devoured all available episodes in two nights. It quickly became clear to me that the people who write reviews of superhero series are for the most part rather uptight, conservative hetero types who can't handle the portrayal of lesbian love and eroticism in this context. Perhaps there is even the fear that perhaps Peeping Tom tendencies are assumed when man finds "something like that" hot😉

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Admittedly, it took me a while to warm up to Ruby Rose in the role of Kate Kane, who becomes Batwoman. At first she seemed a bit tomboyish to me (which brought back unpleasant memories of various butch lesbians at Alpha Girls parties). But she managed very quickly to conquer my heart anyway. The action was also a bit bumpy at first, but then the series very quickly found a really terrific style that combines action, love, sex and drama in a great way.

Especially the portrayal of lesbian love with all its ups and downs - but above all the passion and sensuality, as I feel it is really only possible between women - has thrilled me through and through and really grandiosely circumvents old-fashioned clichés. In addition, the processing of her tragic story, the loss of her sister, the shock of an incomprehensible realization and the resulting extreme conflicts of conscience, all this has completely captivated me.

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The closeness of the character of the antagonist "Alice" - who wants to create her very own dark wonderland during most of the first season - to the legendary Harley Quinn, is more than obvious. All the more thankful that the writers and actress manage to give her a profile all her own over time and viewers are really thrown into a roller coaster ride of disgust, pity and often affection. It's in this area that the series keeps reinventing itself and clearly outshines most of what I've seen so far.

Some critics felt that Kat writing a diary entry as a "letter to Bruce" at the end of each episode was a bit imposed. However, I found this trick very successful, as it gives Kat the opportunity to reflect on herself and Batman's legacy and thus really find her way. And the fact that conservative, white men see "man-hating" in the series also shows again how much this clientele has been treated with a paper bag 👎


No hate – LGBTIQ-Woman Power! 🌈💪


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I count BATWOMAN as one of my absolute favorite series and the first season was devoured far too quickly. Unfortunately, Ruby Rose (who was also heavily dissed for this role) dropped out of the series after the first season, which I greatly regret, as she really grew on me. I'll definitely give her successor (who won't play Kat Kane, but a new BATWOMAN) a fair chance, though - and the trailer looks very promising, too. Meanwhile, Ruby Rose has probably also announced that she's open to returning to the series.

Caroline R.Ubber


PS: The fact that the German Wikipedia page doesn't mention the lesbian background of the series, which plays a central role, is just pathetic and shows all too clearly what kind of mustiness still prevails in the minds of far too many when it comes to LGBTIQ issues. For this, there is deservedly the triple vomit smiley:

🤮 🤮 🤮


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