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Ich glotz TV

When I look at my current life, a pretty big part of it is really watching TV, shit!... But of course, every evening plasma TV or beamer are turned on and the drug TV is consumed, so nice and colorful and garnished with chips, beer, wine, cheese, ice cream and chocolate.  The lonely soul needs something colorful and sweet. After much hesitation, I then also treated myself to the Disney+ (The Mandalorian just had to be!) and Amazon Prime subscriptions, not suspecting what Pandora's box I open with it...

The Mandalorian - © Disney / Lucasfilm

I also have to say that until 2020 I watched practically no TV at all for about 4 years and therefore all the current hypes only touched me at best. Instead of watching series, I preferred to hang out in clubs or indulge in my Facebook addiction (from which I have been cured for good since December 2020). Facebook has become as sexy as bible TV...). That's why for a long time I didn't think it made sense to get a streaming subscription. And if I watched movies, then from Blu-Ray via 3D projector on my 3 meter wide screen (a little bit of luxury is necessary. I'll write something about luxury soon).

But as long as I still cycle to the the Elbe River from time to time, the belly does not cover my feet and I always find the leisure to tinker and write on this blog, I probably do not really mutate to the couch potato😉

BATWOMAN - © The CW / DC Entertainment

In fact, while browsing, I discovered series and movies that are a bit off the beaten track and that really captivated me for that very reason. While little Carolin regularly likes to dive into the beautiful world of "The Flash" before falling asleep (even if the kitsch and the eternal "If only I'd told you sooner" plot sometimes get on my nerves), there are also series that I have literally devoured and continue to devour.

Here I will in the future rather briefly and succinctly describe what I just like in the streams - so no rambling reviews, garnished with deep psychological analysis 😉 And in this section is then also presented material that has not so much or nothing directly to do with "love - lust - sex - sensitivity - fetish - play", but just in my opinion definitely rocks.

But don't worry, my blog will remain almost 100% kinky, I promise! ✌

It's always best when the reviews were rather lukewarm and then the whole thing really hits home with me (somehow I'm always a bit ashamed when I fall prey to mass taste). Often it is so that I hesitate for weeks, whether I should give such a series a chance despite the lousy ratings... All the more great when it then really kicks in. Like...

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BATWOMAN (Caroline R.Ubber | 30. April 2021)

I count BATWOMAN among my absolute favorite series and the first season was just devoured way too fast. LGBTIQ woman power!

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