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I loved comics even before I could read, because the dynamics and imagination of the colorful picture stories captivated me even at kindergarten age. The colorful strips were probably part of a supplement of the magazine "Parents". My earliest memories are of fat ("Who said fat?!!!") Obelix and his butt bomb into a swimming pool, which was completely drained afterwards.

For decades, I tried in vain to recover another comic book memory: Two children and a giant robot - and a machine that was supposed to transfer the boy's spirit to the robot giant. For a long time I thought it was a "Bob & Bobette" story, until at some point I found out that it was actually a "Quick & Flupke" story. After so many decades, actually holding the comic book in my hands had a very special magic. However, I could have sworn that the robot was rather orange and had a rounded head on top.

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My parents had big problems with my more and more awakening passion for comics... Given my outstanding achievements in art and German, they believed that my artistic talents would be cornerstones of my career - and that trashy magazines would stunt them. I remained a comic book fan nonetheless ?

Today, of course, my taste in comics and graphic novels has evolved (I always prefer Marvel to DC, I like Spiderman and love the HULK, and I'm a huge fan of Dan Dare! For relaxing on the beach and in the countryside, I like to treat myself to Spirou and Fantasio). But somehow I still like everything that I enjoyed as a child. But here I will present only those works that have to do with fetish and SM - because these captivate me by far the most. First and foremost the incredibly great 'Sunstone' series by Stjepan Šejić.

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For some time now, the term "graphic novel" has been used to describe particularly sophisticated and artistic works that combine a drawn picture narrative with text in speech and thought bubbles (or captions). To call these fascinating works "comics" would not do them justice either. Of course, the boundaries are blurred, but the works I'd like to introduce here have definitely earned the designation "graphic novel" and have very little in common with their newspaper strip predecessors.

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Sunstone Volume 1 (Caroline R.Ubber | 9. April 2021)

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