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Touch of Pain

created by Linda Mignani

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Blurb from "Touch of Pain" (translated):

Richard's patience finally snaps when his wife Carolina plays another orgasm for him. He has long suspected that hidden desires lie dormant in both of them. Without further ado, he has her kidnapped to a BDSM resort that specializes in special cases. While he is initiated into the secrets of dominance, whip and cane and trained as a master, Carolina gets to know her true nature. Lustfully she experiences what she secretly longs for: arousing pain and humility that lead her to her limits and to complete surrender.

Who is the mysterious master who seduces Carolina with pleasure agony when her eyes are blindfolded? Who demands and gets more from her than she ever thought possible?

Has Richard risked too much to save her love?

This novel has a special place in my heart because it was the first BDSM novel I ever read. When I took my first steps into the S&M and fetish scene at the time (online and real), I naturally looked around for inspiring and stimulating literature - and was finally convinced by the description and reading sample of the first "Touch of" narrative. Many book descriptions just seemed too cheap, sexist and uncharitably flat to me, so not my style at all.

Picture: Alexandr Ivanov - Pixabay

So that's how I came to Romantic-S&M.And the (also sexually largely) inexperienced sub in spe, Carolin, dipped only too gladly into this tinglingly intense world of the "island" and wished so much to experience something similar once herself. Being kidnapped and forced to overcome fears and blockades... by noble doms who are experienced, attractive, stylish, mature and sensitive and know exactly how to awaken and guide a submissive - a journey into the paradise of the senses.

In the meantime, I have left these sweet-romantic worlds long behind me (at least in the BDSM context) and smile when I keep in mind how I dreamt to myself back then. On the other hand, it inspires me to perhaps one day be exactly the empathetic leading dominatrix for a young, inexperienced sub that I dreamed of back then (even though I was still completely fixated on male-doms at the time).

Picture: Berzin - Pixaba

The Story:

The marriage of young couple Richard and Carolina (yeah... 😅) has become boring, sex for Carolina basically just a compulsory event. When he realizes that she is once again only faking an orgasm for him, Richard makes an extreme decision to finally let their passion really ignite - and takes an enormous risk for both of them. Because Richard has become aware of his dominance and is convinced that his Carolina is basically a submissive.

So he has Carolina abducted against her will to the BDSM resort that his boss friend runs under the name "The Island". Richard is only too aware that with this decision he can lose everything, his wife and his whole existence. But for love he is willing to put everything on the line. And so Carolina begins a journey through abysses and experiences she would never have dreamed of. So she fights not only against the men who want to mold her into a masochistic sex slave, she fights above all against her own fears and insecurities.

Picture: andreaaltini - Pixabay

My opinion:

The beginning of the novel is strongly reminiscent of the 1930s film classic "The Most Dangerous Game" (German title "Graf Zaroff - Genie des Bösen"), in which a maniacal big-game hunter hunts humans on his island. The fact that the remote training facility of Subs and Doms, surrounded by jungle and secured like a fortress, is called "The Island" is probably another reference to Ernest B. Schoedsack's film work, which was made parallel to the shooting of his uber-classic "King Kong and the White Woman".

Therefore, reading the first few pages, one might fear that this is a sexpolitation trash pulp-novel in which women are nothing but bodies to be abused... But in this regard, of course, the incredibly sympathetic author Linda Mignani is beyond reproach and I still love the twist on the scene.

The protagonist Carolina (neither related nor in-law 😅), who at first doesn't want to admit her needs and instead repeatedly takes refuge in wisecracks, snide remarks, insults and self-denial, initially develops into what can probably be called a typical "Brat" in the course of the plot. But Linda Mignani, fortunately, is not the author who is content to pigeonhole her characters. To witness how she, her husband and also the gentlemen of the island develop, question, reveal and find themselves in the course of the plot is quite great romantic S&M head cinema. The whole thing is described in such a rousing and vivid way that I could hardly escape this wonderful trip - especially since it was completely open how it would all end in the end.

Picture: innamikitas - Pixabay

Of course, one can criticize that everything is a bit too beautiful, noble and wonderful and some things go a bit too smoothly, but "Touch of Pain" is just Romantic Erotic/BDSM and not a documentary and works so in my opinion quite wonderfully. And if one day I should prepare my own career as a work of fiction, many would probably also doubt that some things were so beautiful, simple and playful for me.

Not everything has to be drama, even in BDSM. The fact that this story is basically about an assaultive abuse by her husband and the lords of the island is not reprehensible in the context of the story, as it is described in the novel, in my view. Because just such fantasies and actions are an essential part of many BDSM dreams and also intense real experiences. Significant is especially the "how". And this "how" is described by Linda Mignani also on a psychological level m.E. exactly right.

Linda Mignani's website:
Bittersüßes Verlangen (Bittersweet desire)

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