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Liebessklavin - Unterwerfung aus Liebe (Love slave - Submission for love)

created by Jazz Winter

Blurb from „Unterwerfung aus Liebe“ (translated):


The architect Erica is to furnish Simon DiLucca's exclusive and sensual restaurant "Private Room". She is strongly attracted to the charismatic self-made millionaire, but she never gets involved with clients on principle. When the work is completed, Simon gives her a spicy gift: a night in the restaurant's private rooms set aside for special purposes. Erica breaks with her principles and gets involved. But Simon wants more from her. Slowly he takes Erica to her limits and shows her an exciting world of lust and submission.

Jazz Winter - Unterwerfung aus Liebe
Jazz Winter - Liebessklavin

To this day, no other novel of S&M literature has gripped, captivated and inspired me as much as Jazz Winters' wonderfully intense and sensitive accompaniment of a strong, successful woman's journey into the care of a fascinating dominant man. Above all, the inner conflict of the cool interior designer and high-end outfitter Erica, who falls under the spell of a man who awakens undreamt-of desires in her, makes this novel believable and exciting right up to the last page and also sparkles with wit and esprit and great twists and developments. But what sets Jazz Winter's novel above all other Romantic-S&M works I know is the perfectly woven and fated Dark-S&M development of another woman, the development of which still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Picture: Alexandr Ivanov - Pixabay

The Story:

For Erica, it's the chance of a lifetime to take her career as an interior designer to a whole new level when she is asked to decorate the club restaurant "Private Room" of the equally attractive and charismatic self-made millionaire Simon DiLucca. Although she inwardly resists and her best friend Marie tries to dissuade her, she falls more and more for the suction-like allure of Simon's world of intense, unleashed sex and ever more intense S&M sessions. In the process, she must constantly ask herself who she can still trust - and whether she herself hasn't long since lost control. But she has long since embarked on a path that makes a return to a "normal" existence hardly possible.

My opinion:

Many would probably see in Erica the exact opposite of the submissive maso-sub. But the fact is that for sadistic dominants like me, the very special attraction lies precisely in leading such a proud, self-confident being into worlds that change everything and open and liberate in unexpected ways. Jazz Winter describes the erotic escapades and the sessions with a pictorial imagination and urgency that is second to none.

"Liebessklavin" is both intense heartfelt romance as well as breathtakingly intense sensual hard sex and aesthetically intense BDSM with Dom/sub relationships that are as intense as you could ever want (or fearfully shy away from). Jazz Winter describes it all so intensely that as a reader you really get into it and live through it. Especially the sub-plot around Lydia, "the absolute masochist" I find particularly important and fascinating in two respects.


Picture: Alexandr Ivanov - Pixabay

On the one hand, it becomes clear into which abysses total devotion (to a person or inner demons) can lead, without the warning finger being raised too clearly for naive young subs (to be).

On the other hand, for me, her story for extreme fetishists is definitely the most intense and sensual narrative strand of this great novel; and I would extremely welcome another work dealing more in depth with her story and her further career (which would then probably go too far for the mainstream readership).

The events surrounding Lydia are particularly ambiguous and complex, although probably not comprehensible to many who have not themselves been confronted with the extreme worlds of bondage and influence and imprinting by Top or Bottom. And the latter will probably also not understand the intense depth of this novel and its characters.

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Little Dreamer wrote on 03. May 2021 at 13:38:

Hey that's funny, a few days ago I talked with a friend from Berlin about SM books! She should like that, I'll send her the link 🙃

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