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My Romantic S&M Book Tips

Prologue: At first I thought that it wouldn't really make sense to present here tips for books in English that are so far only available in German. But then I thought that it could be quite exciting to learn what is published in this country in SM literature. And as internationally as we are networked today, maybe someone will pass on one or the other tip to someone who likes to read books in German.

Although my bookshelves are crammed with fiction and non-fiction, stories or guides from the S&M/fetish world make up only a small part. My greatest passion when reading belongs to classic seafaring adventures like those of Horatio Hornblower, Bolitho or Kydd. When I was about 10 years old I read the Nibelungen in an old, in Fraktur set, edition, my preference for larger-than-life heroes probably awoke.

When I read, I want to enjoy and immerse myself completely in the world of the book, which is why I've never been a speed reader and pick the raisins out of the literary cake. I can also be captivated by the wonderful novels of Haruki Murakami, whom I actually read before he was hyped on a grand scale by the terrific Marcel Reich-Ranicki. Fetish/S&M literature I have actually not read for quite some time, which is probably related to my rather rapid development in the real scene, which ensured that I (before the Covid pandemic) prefer to get my kicks and brainfucks live at appropriate parties.

Since I am a very experienced fetishist and S&Mer and have also lived and live both the submissive-masochistic as well as the sadistic-dominant side, such novels must be for me on the one hand S&M-technically and psychologically convincing and on the other hand captivate me with an exciting story arc. A certain level of literary creation (to which I also count a simply pleasantly fluid writing style) is an essential basic condition, so that I do not banish the book to the dust dungeon after a few pages. I don't read authors who shimmy from one hard climax to the next with a staccato of short sentences.

The books that I would like to briefly introduce in this section, I have already read years ago and they have remained in my fond memory. For some of them I can't remember every detail offhand, but I find them all very readable and partly inspiring. It is interesting that I read some of them in my early phase as a submissive maso-sub and they accompanied me on my way and also guided me a little.  From today's perspective, I smile a little about it, but also feel a sense of wonderful warmth when I think back to those times and my feverishly excited nights in which I devoured these intense stories.

These books have one thing in common: they are all written by women and tell of female protagonists who liberate themselves and blossom through their path to becoming maso-sub. The ambience is similar: luxurious. Who now thinks of the unspeakable "50 Shades of Grey" (I have never read the books, only seen the first movie. Enough for me.), I can reassure. Although the Doms (who, in contrast to the little boy Grey, really deserve this name) definitely have no money worries and a decidedly exquisite taste, but still there are worlds between them. These novels are, of course, basically romantic reveries, but you can really lose yourself in them. Above all, they make it clear: S&M and D/S, if they are really lived and not just played, are anything but cold, brutal, selfish and unfeeling.

Picture: Alexandr Ivanov - Pixabay

However, no one should assume that wealthy, imaginatively leading noble doms like the ones described in these stories actually exist. Just when these "Noble Gods of S&M" decide, thanks to their maturity, experience and empathy, to "force" the sub in spe "to their happiness", this certainly triggers pleasant shivers in many (women), but in reality it is clearly a very dangerous area, which leads again and again to assaults and abuse. And if one or the other does exist, it should be almost impossible to find one.

And of course most of these dom/sub fantasies are not set in the rural German province, but mostly in the (pseudo)dreamland of unlimited possibilities, the USA. And also the authors are, despite their mostly American pseudonyms, without exception based in Germany, where they create their (in my opinion) fascinating noble S&M worlds.  But women can still dream - which is why I call this section "Romantic S&M". And I still remember very well how I was burning with excitement at that time to experience something similar, as described in the books, once myself.

Picture: Alexandr Ivanov - Pixabay

If I would actually find the leisure to write my own fetish/S&M novel (a treatment already exists), it would have strong autobiographical features, coupled with some of my most intense fantasies. For mainstream S&M readers, however, this would definitely be a world they wouldn't follow me into - because security, romance and luxurious estates would play only a very subordinate role in it.

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