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Gefangene der Lust (Prisoner of lust)

created by ALIXA

Cover text (translated):

"The Prisoner of Lust" tells in an autobiographical way about the life of a submissive woman. She relentlessly reports about her search for sexual satisfaction and the indescribable feeling of being like putty in the hands of a man who takes no consideration on the way to total ecstasy.

ALIXA describes her life with her beloved master, who gives her what she craves: pleasure pain, submission and absolute surrender.

Her explanations are excitingly detailed and give insight into the life of a true slave.* She takes the listener on a journey into the realm of dark lust and erotic excess.


Gefangene der Lust

In "Prisoner of Pleasure", ALIXA from Berlin describes her feelings, thoughts, fears, longings and fulfillments during two sexual S&M sessions with her master. Since she narrates in presence, one becomes an immediate witness of her experiences and ecstasies and indeed one can lose oneself in it like in an erotic dream. I believe only too gladly that the sessions described by ALIXA are truly autobiographical. Her voice transports her emotions and her desire in an incredibly sensual and intense way, and I am only too happy to become her erotic companion.

This production, sometimes discreetly accompanied by music and sounds, literally sucks me in, as it takes me on a journey into my own past as a maso sub. Much of it I have experienced similar or the same myself and therefore know how authentic the description is. To some, the two sessions described may not seem particularly spectacular, but as I wrote elsewhere, (BD)SM is not exclusively about celebrating maximum pain or crossing borders.

Picture: Stijlvolnaakt – Pixabay

Just the sensuality of waiting in quiet seclusion within oneself, and the associated head cinema of fears and desires, is in my opinion one of the wonderful sides of intense BDSM. Hitting hard can be done by any douche. But leading a sub into subspace through sensual pleasure pain is an art that requires an incredible amount of empathy, talent and experience.

The language is well-chosen, rather subtle and only now and then juicily explicit - a mixture that appeals to me very much. ALIXA never falls out of the role and I confess that her voice and her way of speaking definitely excite me. Such an intimate (sexual) connection and trusting devotion between sub and master is also for me the ideal to strive for.

ALIXA takes the listener on a journey into her inner space, which I find enchanting, sensual and also arousing (even if I now prefer much harder styles). And for the dominant, it provides a beautiful glimpse into the inner self of a sub and to the roots of devotion and submission. For those who wish to immerse themselves in this world, "Prisoners of Desire" is a work that is authentic and beautiful in every way.

Mistress Chauve

Total playing time: approx. 74 minutes

HLV Hörliteraturverlag

*The "insight into the life of a true slave" is of course not offered here. But the difference between slave, sub, bottom and playmate will not be aware of the most anyway ?


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