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Prologue: At first I thought that it wouldn't really make sense to present here tips for audiobooks in English that are so far only available in German. But then I thought that it could be quite exciting to learn what is published in this country in S&M literature. And as internationally as we are networked today, maybe someone will pass on one or the other tip to someone who likes to listen to audiobooks in German.

When I read a book, I often give all the characters a voice and virtually create my own radio play in my head. This is sometimes incredibly intense and requires complete dedication to the writing, which is why I also take a lot of time to read a book. I don't know if others do the same. As a lifelong radio play fan (with some acting experience), I'm probably predestined to bring the characters to life in such a way (it's just a shame that you can't record this).

When I listen to a work of fiction as an audio book, usually to relax and fall asleep, it is incredibly important to me that the performers not only have a pleasant voice, but also do not simply read the events, but fill the text with life.

This is especially essential for me with erotic texts. And I usually turn off audiobooks after a few sentences if the speaker and I don't get into sensual harmony and I keep thinking "Why do you emphasize that so listlessly?!" It's a great pity when an actually intense text is ruined in such a way that it's just embarrassing. But thanks to my Napster subscription I have enough choice to listen to everything possible without additional costs.

My favorite works of erotic Romantic-S&M literature are unfortunately not available as audiobooks (or maybe fortunately). But in the near future I will take a promising volume from time to time and present it here if I like it.

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