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My first S&M fetish club visit: The Extravaganxxa

Mein Extravaganxxa Outfit

Today it seems unbelievable to me that a few years ago I got really shaky at the thought of visiting an SM club or fetish party - and then really felt like Alice in Wonderland. Back then it was still an incredibly intoxicating fantasy for me that a Dom would take me on a leash. Hach, how I would love to play an intense session with the sweet-innocent sub from back then 😄 Actually, I wanted to wear a little latex for the first time back then... but the two black long latex skirts I had ordered online firstly didn't arrive in time and were then also as sexy as bicycle inner tubes 🙈 Rookie mistake halt 😅

Two wonderful girlfriends invited me to accompany them to the legendary Catonium - Europe's largest SM club. I was excited, excited, scared... what should I wear? How to behave? What would happen? I wrote this little impression right after I got home and was still glowing from all the overwhelming impressions.

Photo: Heinrich v. Schimmer |

Hamburg - 25.10.2014

The night went until 5 am and I now know that I can dance a whole night on pumps 😉

This evening opened my eyes a little wider in some ways....

Even while waiting in line, I felt comfortable and was decidedly intrigued. There was a fire show in the parking lot and bare-breasted dancers performed erotic dances with torches and other fiery paraphernalia. The Catonium itself was right up my alley, just wonderful (and the equipment in top condition and clean, I had heard otherwise). I immediately realized that this scene and the ambience and the whole vibe are exactly what I want!

Extravaganxxa 2014

Photo: Heinrich v. Schimmer |

Sadly, there is a but...

I guess I had too much subliminal hope that something would happen or I would catch someone's eye who was looking for a sub.... I enjoyed myself splendidly until we were in the torture chamber, where I could finally see how subs experience what I wish with such burning desire... That was then somehow too much for me, I felt like the unnoticed gray mouse among all the latex beauties... and when we were on the outside terrace, I suddenly couldn't suppress the tears anymore - I just didn't know where to put all the lust and passion...  For singles, the Extravaganxxa does not seem to be as well suited as I thought...

A friend comforted me a bit by running candle wax from a tea light over my arm and shoulder, but that hardly tickled me, felt like warm water.... After all, I'm apparently quite a good lead dancer, because we filled twice that evening the upper dance floor, which was previously completely deserted 😉

Later, on the lower big dance floor, it became insanely fascinating when two beautiful naked subs orally satisfied their masters and then got really juicy fucked through, not even two meters next to me... and I knew exactly that I would also like to experience something like that...

Extravaganxxa 2014

Photo: Heinrich v. Schimmer |

So now I know that all this is exactly mine and the idea excites me infinitely to be publicly paraded, punished and used - that makes me happy of course. On the other hand, I'm just filled with the feeling of infinite loneliness and longing and I don't know where to put it... It was as if I looked at everything through a glass wall and did not find the access to all that I long for... nobody touched me here.... I don't want to go crazy and fool around now either and I'm still shy about dating....

I don't want to whine, but I do feel a little bit like it 😉

Love you all 💖


Soumissa Eslavia


Ron wrote on 22. May 2021 at 00:06:

Ohnnnnneeee... Ab auf die Piste! Das fehlt! Dance & fuck ... ♠️🖤♠️

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