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Probably nothing is as divergent as the definitions of "pleasure". What excites, fascinates and excites some, is repulsive, frightening, disgusting or gross for others. What the true sources of what gives us pleasure are will probably always remain in the dark. It is quite obvious, however, that the hostility to lust of most people - especially celebrated in conservative circles and dogmatized by religions - is inherited and that fears, insecurities and shame are passed on from generation to generation. As a hedonist, one could simply ignore such people, if they would not unfortunately try again and again to anchor their own ideas in laws in order to take away the freedom of those who freely live in lust.

Having been a victim of my own insecurities until about 2013, and having suppressed my own lust almost completely, I understand well what goes on in the minds of those for whom "sin" is so repulsive. Even in our modern world, unfortunately, relatively little is happening in the minds and hearts.

Still "lust" is attributed mainly to the man, whereas the woman to be chaste hard, or just a slut. We live in a world where violence is becoming more and more normal and is virtually celebrated in movies and games. Movies that were indexed years ago because of their violence are now given FSK 16+ ratings (which I applaud).

But as soon as people fuck intensively for pleasure, such a relaxation of the rules is apparently still out of the question. The fact is: Young people are allowed to witness torture and bodies being torn and shredded, but they are not allowed to watch others copulating intensely... Yet "Make Love, not War" is such a wonderful concept of life!

I have had the incredible good fortune in the past decade to free myself sexually, to break free of shame and fears, and thereby experience worlds of pleasure that I would never have dreamed of. To surrender completely, to cross boundaries, to ride from sensual rush to orgasm and then on and on, these are experiences that can't be compared to anything. And I am infinitely grateful to all (even those who gave me negative experiences, because I learned through that too), who have gone this incredibly wonderful and sensual way with me!

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