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The poor little Easter bunny....

When someone rings the doorbell to my loft and announces that he has brought me eggs (in germany we call the balls eggs) to make me happy, of course my desire for intensive CBT awakens. But that my visitor then, except for the fragile contents of his little basket, had nothing at all to show real eggs, actually cried out for punishment! But since the little one then looked so sweetly sad, I took him very affectionately.

And so the little, abundantly hairy man with the long ears became my guest for a very long night... and was allowed to experience things he would never have dared to dream. And you can believe me, when his fear gave way to total surrender, he enjoyed it so much that even I was amazed ?

Mistress Chauve and Caroline R. Ubber wish you a fun and kinky Easter!


PS: This clip (which I have now optimized a little) was created for Easter 2020 spontaneously on Good Friday evening, when I wanted to test how I can stage my own video clips in my loft. Since I hate simple testing and practicing, I came up with the idea of staging an Easter video right away - and the story came about as if by itself. I was surprised myself what acting talent slumbers in my little cuddly bunny - his eyes really express everything, hihi ?


Na Dine wrote on 05. May 2021 at 23:27:

Na Dine wrote on 05. May 2021 at 23:23:

... "EasterBunny - die Zeit nach Mitternacht 2" (kein Film von Martin Scorsese) 🙂🙂🙂 (was hat so passieren kann wenn man nicht schlafen geht ...) Das mit den Plüschtieren kenne ich übrigens ... je nach dem wie die drauf sind schauen die völlig unterschiedlich ... 😀

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