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Fetish Bald Women

Bald fetish - fascination of shaved women

A dominatrix with a bald head, a slave with a bald head - the same symbol with such an incredibly opposite expressiveness. I would like to convey what fascinates me about shaven-headed women and what a pronounced bald fetish I have myself. The effect a shaven-headed woman has is extreme in every case. No matter whether you love or dislike them: a bald woman always stands out and polarises - and is something particularly intense, especially in the fetish field.

"The feeling of a clean-shaven woman's bald head under your fingers and on your skin is incomparably intense and wonderful - for both of us. And for us, the bald head is an extremely sensitive additional erogenous zone. To surrender to your partner after a head shave is the fulfillment of the most intense sexual fantasies. And when we then squeeze our oiled bodies into shiny latex and become disinhibited rubber creatures, there are no more limits."

Caroline R.Ubber & Mistress Chauve


Anyone who knows me even a little bit should know that one of my most intense fetishes is baldness in women (though not always - more on that later). Why is that so? I don't know. When I really became aware of it (pretty much at the same time as my awakening latex fetish) I still know exactly: When I saw the first photos of Persis Khambatta in "Star Trek - The Movie", I was flooded by a burning hot wave of fascination and pure lust.

© Paramount Pictures

If I see a beautifully shaped, graceful completely hairless woman's head, a hot wave of fascination and lust blazes through me. An expressive face that is not framed by hair, but presents itself so freely in a very unique way. The bust enchants by its bulging, round shape - and with a bald, round head it is no different. A woman with a bald head automatically arouses my interest immediately.

This is due in particular to the fact that it takes a lot of courage for a woman to go bald. While baldness has been acceptable for men for ages thanks to Bruno Banani advertising and Bruce Willis' meat cap, a bald woman is automatically the focus of attention everywhere. Therefore, I admire the strength that such women have. I experienced this myself and, fortunately for me, I was able to enjoy it very much, since practically all the reactions were decidedly positive.

At this point, I must immediately note that I would never have believed that a bald head would suit me. I do not automatically find every shaved female skull attractive. For my aesthetic perception, a bald head can be quite disfiguring (even for men). Especially women who have left their 30s behind often look relatively masculine (not androgynous) without their main hair, which then doesn't appeal to me at all. And I assumed that a bald head would absolutely not suit me and would damage my optical femininity.

Artwork: Stefan Keller - Pixabay

For many women, losing their hair is a horrible imagination, comparable to losing a body part (and it really doesn't seem to matter that hair grows back quite quickly). Women who think like this always associate female baldness with attributes like "sick", "masculine", ugly"... and sometimes react downright aggressively when women advertise this style. Fortunately, I have met such specimens almost only online, or in the fancy pants scene, with which I have (and want to have) only a few connections. Such women would then probably also call the divine Nefertiti a naked mole rat.

The bald head in BDSM context

But the fact that even women who call themselves "slaves" in forums make statements like: "Everything, but never a bald head!" makes me smile then. But the term "slave" has long since degenerated into a kinky buzzword and is also gladly used by brats who don't even have a clue what the true submission of an S&M slave actually means. And I have long since given up trying to explain the once clearly defined differences between play partner, bottom, sub and slave, because by now almost everyone uses their own rules and terms anyway and I don't want to be a killjoy.

Journey back to submissive Sub (?)

Especially in BDSM the bald head is a very strong statement. It can be used as a punishment to humiliate the sub or slave. But it can elevate the sub and make her stand out from the crowd and be a symbol of total devotion and connection. What is particularly fascinating is that it is worn precisely by dominant women like me, who use it to express strength and very special sublimity. In any case, no hairstyle in the world can have this very special impact, like a clean-shaven bald head.

My bald head and me

Of course, I had played again and again with the thought of how it would be to get a headshave - but then those were almost exclusively the fantasies of the maso-sub, who would have taken the step to slave with it. I actually had at the time, as a submissive, the dream that my master shaves my head and marks me in this way completely as his property. At the same time, I was very afraid of then finding myself ugly - and of the feeling of then no longer being attractive enough for him.

That I then actually shaved my own head one night was a completely unplanned spontaneous action and in no way the realization of a fetish fantasy. I was on that day once again horribly disappointed by my partner and inwardly pretty much at the end. When I wanted to cry to my dominatrix roommate and hoped for understanding and a hug, she met me with cold rejection. After that, under all the suffering and frustration something began to boil up in me and I knew I had to do something crass. And there came the thought: "I'll shave my head! Then they'll see tomorrow how ugly and destroyed I am... and maybe they'll finally feel sorry!".

I had a great electric hair clipper - and the thought started to get overwhelming. I sent a message to my partner that I was considering shaving my head. When she responded, she was a bit shocked and said she would be home as soon as possible. I drank two more glasses of wine, took a deep breath, and let the thought of shaving my head bald work its magic... it was feeling better and better, it just had to be done. And then it was inevitable. I sent her the message, "too late, I'm doing it now!"

I went into the bathroom, stroked through my long hair in front of the mirror a few more times and noticed how I was getting more and more excited - no matter if I would be ugly, this was going to be horny now! I took the razor, set it to minimum length, placed it on my forehead and gently ran it through my hair, from my forehead to the top of my head to the nape of my neck - seeing the fire that blazed in my eyes. When I caught sight of the bald strip on my head, I began to grin broadly and a fever gripped me. Now there was no way to stop me. I first shaved the right half of my head and then looked at myself in the mirror: Left barren before, right a fascinating new image of me!

I could not believe it: that looked horny! Without further hesitation, I also shaved my left half of the head bald and enjoyed it now totally! I could not believe how insanely well the bald head suited me and how ultra-feminine I looked with it! The reddish-blond fluff that now covered my head was not a millimeter long. But that wasn't enough for me, I wanted to see and feel my completely shaved scalp! So I lathered up my head and began - carefully despite all my excitement - to shave my head with a wet razor into the sparkling bald head I had always dreamed of. I whooped with joy when I could finally see and feel the result - it was just pure madness, the best decision of my life! I felt like completely reborn!

But that was not enough for me, I glowed so much with fetishistic horniness! For a moment I toyed with the idea of shaving off my eyebrows too, but that was too crass for me for now and I wanted to keep them - after all, it's always good to have some room to grow. Instead, I put on a latex dress and could not get enough of the stunning fetish creature that stared at me from the mirror.

Zum ersten Mal Glatze

Shortly thereafter, my lover also arrived (a she, but with a dick - self-proclaimed loverboy), full of concern for me and what had happened. But when she saw me, she was as stunned fascinated and entranced as I was before. Instead of debate or questions, we gave ourselves over to our unleashed horniness. And the hours of sex we had that night surpassed anything we had ever had before. I had finally become the fetish being that had slumbered inside me for so long. The sleeping one had awakened!

When I woke up the next day and the sun was shining from a bright blue summer sky, I just felt infinitely liberated and happy. Still, it took a bit of courage for me to actually hit the streets in broad daylight with this look. But as I floated through the streets in my long white summer dress, the looks of the people I encountered showed me that I definitely didn't need to be afraid anymore. But I also became very aware that now I could no longer disappear anywhere in the masses - from now on I would stand out everywhere.

The whole path I took since then in the hedonistic, fetishistic and SM scene is incredible. All these wonderful experiences and successes, I would never have had in this form, if I had not done something so completely crazy that night out of sheer frustration and desperation.

With or without Hair

Quite apart from the fact that baldness is my absolute fetish, it also has unimagined benefits during sex. My entire scalp has become an erogenous zone, as every touch stimulates the hair roots incredibly intensely and sends waves of pleasure directly into my clitoris. Rubbing my bald head against a wet pussy is pure insanity for both of us. And when a guy squirts his juice on my bald head and another one licks it off, I'm in a true erotic fetish wonderland!

With hair I will definitely never exist again!


PS: It does not always have to be a bald head. Especially with men, I don't really care whether they have hair or not. Even unusual hairstyles like mohawks, sidecuts or bowlcuts and generally any unusual, preferably asymmetrical hair turns me on. With classic haircuts, on the other hand, I can do little, but they do not bother me. But I confess that it definitely kicks me when my partner does crazy things with her hair ?

So happy to be bald


Jeff wrote on 15. May 2021 at 06:07:

That was a very hot story about when you shaved your head. I was hoping the story was your room mates came home and you both stripped and shaved bald head to toe. Even tho I dont find guys attractive I sometimes get hard thinking about being tied up and a guy giving me a forced head shave and fucking my mouth. I also love the thought of shaving girls bald completety head to toe. Thanks for sharing your story it was aswsome

  • Mistress Chauve answered on 15. May 2021 at 11:55:

    Oh yes, that would have been perfect 😅I'm happy you loved the story of m first headshave 😘

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