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Fetishes - especially my own


Again and again I meet people, in real life and online, who claim that there is no such thing as fetishes. Their view is that the term "fetish" is just a buzzword for preferences or passions. Others misunderstand (in my opinion) fetishes in such a way that it is not possible for the fetishist to be aroused at all without the fetish. 

Since I call myself a very intense and partly extreme fetishist and live many different fetishes (and especially like to mix them), I'll try to explain here in a nutshell what makes up the feeling "fetish" for me - and why it goes far beyond "normal" erotic preferences.


Quote from my text on „Fetish Bald Women“:

"The feeling of a clean-shaven woman's bald head under your fingers and on your skin is incomparably intense and wonderful - for both of us. And for us, the bald head is an extremely sensitive additional erogenous zone. To surrender to your partner after a head shave is the fulfillment of the most intense sexual fantasies. And when we then squeeze our oiled bodies into shiny latex and become disinhibited rubber creatures, there are no more limits."

Caroline R.Ubber & Mistress Chauve


I am a person who never really loses control (even with really a lot of alcohol or other substances), it is practically impossible to " knock me out". I know people who deliberately shoot up a lot of stuff in order to then be completely free and uninhibited. Interestingly, these are often the very people who think fetishes are just a legend (though some women claim the same about the female orgasm). Nothing brings me closer to a loss of control than when one of my fetishes is triggered - basically, my fetishes therefore probably act on me like a drug.

When I'm in fetishistic mode, I glow and burn in a way that is completely incomparable. And I can then endure things and cross boundaries, develop energies and creative fantasies that go far beyond anything I feel when acting out my "passions only".

Playing intense with my beloved friends - Fetish Kinky Clinic Prague


And this is also the reason why I only live out my fetishes in SM/BDSM play when I completely trust my play partners and they have the necessary expertise to deal with me and my extremes. Otherwise it would be possible that in the fetish frenzy I let myself get carried away with things that could cause permanent damage or even cost me my life (I once nearly suffocated during a very intense latex session in a doll suit - luckily I never panic, otherwise there would have been a catastrophe.

I enjoy all my passions very much and also often in such a way that others find them (too) extreme (my wild gangbang adventures for example). But living out my fetishes catapults my mind and body into a realm that normal mortals will absolutely never enter.

Fetish does not have to be beautiful, but horny!

And one thing I have long since given up: To try to explain to myself or others the "sense" of my fetishes or to fathom their causes. I just enjoy them in all their extreme intensity!

My fetishes:

  • Female baldness and especially total hairlessness (except for the eyelashes)
  • Latex
  • Large piercings*
  • More extreme body modifications
  • Canvas Tattoos (full body tattoos, including head and face)
  • Female Chastity**

Some of my passions:

  • Dancing - extremely dynamic to Bass! Bass!! Bass!!! Techno (intense mix of aerobics, temple dance and belly dance, garnished with a dash of tap-jumping and ski gymnastics)
  • Intense sessions (active and passive)
  • Very hard, persistent, intense sex (active and passive)
  • Corsets (active and passive)
  • Gangbangs/Bukkake
  • Tattoos
  • Electro-Stimulation
  • Bondage (active and passive)
  • Sex toys (active and passive)
  • Fucking machines
  • Stiletto high heels (active)
  • Leather
  • Fall asleep cuddled up tight and naked


I will gradually go into more detail on all the fetishes I have mentioned here in this blog.

Chauve Doll


*Basically they belong to the bodymods. But I distinguish for me in the fetish area strongly between piercing jewelry ornaments and real surgical changes such as split tongue, elf ears, implanted horns, extreme breast augmentation, etc.. Of course there are - very welcome - overlaps here.

** These go well beyond chastity belts. These include, above all, devices that are attached to the pierced labia (i.e. really go through the vulva lips and are fixed like piercings). In the best case, these then also have an integrated bladder catheter - whereby the urine tube, as a particularly intensive variant, empties itself into the intestine through a special hollow plug. Also the (temporary) sewing of the vulval lips (with or without a previously inserted bladder catheter tube) belongs to my fetishes in the area of female chastity.


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